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Kuna the Cat by AngelKiller666
Kuna the Cat
this has just been sitting around on my computer for a while and i thought that maybe i could share it

is as the title reads is Kuna the Cat, hes a recent/ not so recent creation of mine

ill give out more information on him when i come up with it

comments please
Claudia For Ashlaforce by AngelKiller666
Claudia For Ashlaforce
So heres the deal yeah?

this guy gave me a lot of money recently for a horse in my favorite MMO and i couldnt thank him enough

i thought i would make him a surprise of one of his OCs

though it was sort of designed by my good friend HailEnvy i thought id do it in my style 

thank you so much for be
ing such good friends to me.. i love you guys

comments please!
What follows Fury but Chaos by AngelKiller666
What follows Fury but Chaos
Back to doing my own work again WOO no bases here

i used Ruin as a template and a panel from the first Darksiders comic that shows Fury on horseback and i saw just a smidge of what could actually be her horse, so i used that as reference too,

i started to think actually about strifes and furys horses... and how many people started to view them specificly in color and i thought that what if it was furys horse that was white mostly in place of strifes, and strife rode the black horse.. it would make sense if you think about it, and for their personalities the color switch may make more sense than what was thought before

comments please!
She...pulled me in by AngelKiller666
She...pulled me in
Yes this is a base that i used... because when i saw it i just couldn't help myself and at the time i was going through a long haired lady withdraw and was going through the evil within and found myself becoming increasingly more and more attracted to Laura Reborn.

So when 
i saw this base i knew it could help me with my symptoms lol, yeah ill go with that story.

anyways you can f
ind the base here… by 

to be honest i love doing bases, they bring out a lot of creativity in me...but i have a fear of doing them now since many a base maker these days have sticks shoved up their asses and are very unfair in their critisizm save for a few very good and kind base makers... so this takes a lot of courage to upload... i have a lot of finished bases on my computer but even though i would LOVE to share them i fear how the base makers who made for those bases will outright gouge my eyes out for even thinking of using them... 

Comments please

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 15, 2014, 9:16 PM

War by AngelKiller666Death by AngelKiller666
I SUPPORT THE THREE: Stamp by AngelKiller666
The chatroom can be found here:…

This room is dedicated to all the true darksiders fans out there! 

The rules are as follows

Ignoring gets three warnings...then you shall be judged, this is a big one people blindly go into chats only to idle

(they are called chatrooms for a reason folks)

Greet the humans whom enter the chatroom and educate them on Darksiders

Roleplaying is allowed and make them as dirty as you so see fit however yaoi will result in a judging instantly

(This is a true Darksiders group here)

Our main favorite group is :icondarksidersfanclub:

I highly recommend you join it and make it flourish it has such potential

OCs are welcome long as they dont god mod or act like total pussies.

Welcome to Darksiders1and2 please come on in


I wait for strife... and furys games as well i did not forget the other two

Edit- These are some amazing Darksiders Artists and I would like to feature them here:

Check out :iconmacabrecabra: 's stuff ^^
Darksiders Strife another quick paint by Macabrecabra Strife 2 Fast Paint by Macabrecabra

Also why not give :iconchimicalstar: a look?
Here are some of her amazing works in darksiders especaily
Darksiders : fury by chimicalstar death plains by chimicalstar
give her a watch will ya

And while your at that why not look at :iconpixelogre: they are also great Darksiders Artists i mean look at that Vulgrim!
You drive too hard a bargain... by pixelOgre oh Death.. by pixelOgre
Their art is simply amazing, the attention to detail is marvelous and the over all feeling just...owns...

There is someone dear to me also that needs help and she is called :iconkresa-ne: on here.
commission her it is only 5 dollers, she is struggling to pay bills.
Yuko loves the snow by kresa-ne Jessica by kresa-ne

And last but not least to check out :iconshalizeh: her darksiders stuff is just off the charts!
TDP - War Portrait by shalizeh Darksiders by shalizeh
the picture of all the four they did was on my PS# for a looong time

And take a look at :iconhangry-vane: `s darksiders work it freaking ROCKS gie em some supoort
War by hAngry-Vane War by hAngry-Vane

and because I am a vein ass hole i thought i would mention :iconhailenvy: for his awesome work for me and designing jess`s abyssal armor!
Rascythe and Jessica by hailenvy Jess- Abyssal Armor by hailenvy

And now I have not one but TWO SOTA (State Of The Art) Darksiders possessions and i love them to bits... muuuur Jessicas Darksiders SOTA Collection So Far by AngelKiller666

Thank you so much :iconkresa-ne: for Samael and everything!!! I love you bunches!!!

I also find it funny i got the 91 item of 500 made with war and ruin and the 93 item of samael of 350.... i find it kind of funny but...... ahhh im just so lucky i have the friends i do.

           Stamp Vulgrim by VanoVaemone                 Eren Titan by Frappuchii
               Ponyta by SagerazielRapidash by Sageraziel
        Darkrai sprite GIF by InfernoNickXerneas animated sprite by ekurepu
      Love Yuri, Hate Yaoi. by Psyko-Kinetics
      Yuri artist forever by The-Yuri-Canon :-:Yuri:-: by mimblewimble
      Yuri Stamp by Lead-Exile Yuri Fangirls by TheOriginalTah

                 I am in love with Trainer AZ STAMP by AngelKiller666

CSS by lockjavv Dragon by kerembeyit
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Ex Demon King
Hellsing's heir...

I am a huge fan of yuri and detest yaoi because of its over use.
I love deep characters (No not the pussies like the uchihas)
I am a bisexual i dont care what gender you are i will come and DO YA XD jk jk
Ilove wolves and horses they are what got me started in my drawing and it was hellsing that taught me how to do people in general

I hate trolls they think they are all high and mighty i find tht rather.... sad really and hypocrites i hate those too (most say that because i like yuri and hate yaoi i am a hypocrite lets get one thing straight people.... I hate the uncannon yaoi slash and they uber retarded "oooh they are soooo cute together" fan girls.)

That is all

Current Residence: Inside of my own head, no thoughts are complete without ones own conciousness
deviantWEAR sizing preference: mmmh I have lost interrest to it
Print preference: One that people like the most i suppose, not many care for ones art such as I
Favourite genre of music: Horror music is most preffered to me... or good classical
Favourite photographer: I have non of the sort, I look at drawn or painted works, not photographed
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga would be my most preffered but I also like Historical art
Operating System: I operate on Interal Hellsings system alone
MP3 player of choice: an I-pod if possible that can play videos.... I love music and videos
Shell of choice: mmmmh I have non of the sort
Wallpaper of choice: A Hellsing wallpaper one of Hellsings love and purity...
Skin of choice: A Hellsings Alucard skin on winamp for it is where i get most of my music from.
Favourite cartoon character: I dont consider them cartoon I concider them my life... and they are Hellsing
Personal Quote: For Hellsing I will die, and for Hellsing I will live

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I-indestructible Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016   Artist
**It felt like years since the older Nephilim saw his faithful servant, he prowled the lush forest on Despair mumbling some magics under his breath.** 
AngelKiller666 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016
** the forest was thick and sprawling though obviously traces of the demon servant remained, tell tale signs she has been through here, on a hunt or perhaps something else, either way the servant has indeed been on the path he now took**
I-indestructible Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016   Artist
**Dust flew overhead, cawing loudly as he swooped down and landed on a rotting root near five feet away. Despair whooshed by, nearly knocking the bird off his post Death stops his faithful horse and listened around him for any movement.**  
AngelKiller666 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016
My master what has you riding through this thicket of trees **asked a gruff female voice over head as  an upside down face dropped mere inches from his own, the antlered demon was always grinning, playful as ever** you should be much more careful my lord **the demon jeered hanging upside down before him**
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WarNob123 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2015
Merry Christmas!
AngelKiller666 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2015
Right back at you!
H311LORD Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015
Hey Jess can you help Me here I can't seem to edit or delete anything in stash there's no buttons an when I click stuff nothing happens so is it just Me or is it like this for everyone? and if it is a bug how do I fix it?
AngelKiller666 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015
What I think stash is, is a sort of trash bin of sorts, it's for your personal stuff, I don't think editing was a part of the idea. I do not use stash at all and sadly I can't be much help to you perhaps you should ask the deviantart staff themselves or go to a deviantart support chatroom
H311LORD Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2015
I use stash to write though and it's much harder to do it well without it for Me and DA is down on Chrome for Me
H311LORD Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2015
oh fuck I missed your Birthday crap I am really sorry about that but how are you?
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